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If what we see and experience becomes our context of life, complete recognizable forms, colors, proportions, textures and mystery, and other such settings enliven our senses. We experience greater meaning because we feel a kinship to all of us. We instinctively tap into that story and what it tells us about its unmistakable character and commitment.

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THE BALAM ESCAPE: A safe, socially inclusive, thriving, flourishing, well-served, planned, connected, built, and run community that offers equality of opportunity and high-end services for all.

The Balam Escape project contains 9,500 developable acres of land, guarding it against visual intrusion and future competing development. Its size enables the project to contain important complementary developments, such as an airport and adventure activities.

The master plan approvals and the ECP (Environmental Compliance Plan) allow for the following:

A) Island Hotel and Villa Zone

  • 225 room 5-star (Ritz/St. Regis/Marriot/Solage class) hotel
  • 60 unit Private Residence Club, leed certified
  • Comprehensive resort amenities, incl. exclusive spa, Water Park.
  • Comprehensive resort amenities, incl. "blue hole" pools
  • Waterway and/or aerial connection to Discovery Village

B1) Discovery/Marina/Peninsula/North Oceanfront Village Zone

  • 50-200 slips
  • 325 room 5-star flagship with all of the amenities of an upscale resort hotel.
  • 550 Villas
  • Canal connectivity to ocean
  • Complementary retail, dining
  • Casino  

B2) South Ocean Front Zone

  • 200 Villas

C) Beach front Hotels / Condo Village

  • 350 room 3-star (Marriott/Sheraton class) hotel
  • 200 Condos
  • 200 Villas
  • Comprehensive resort amenities, incl. "blue hole" water features 

D) Northern Waterfront Community

  • 429 Villas
  • 71 Condos
  • 100 room 4 star hotel, 18 over water bungalows

E) Savannah Golf Village

  • 882 Villas
  • 300 Condos

F) Lagoon Village

  • 200 Villas
  • 100 Condos

G) Savannah River Village

  • 640 Villas
  • 200 Condos

H) Energy and Agriculture Fields

I) GreenTREC & Art Village Zone

  • Anchor Discovery EcoAdventure experiences
  • GreenTREC
  • 150 Villas
  • 100 Condos

J) Jungle Eco-Agriculture Village

  • 200 units (mixed to be determined)

K) Savannah/Forest/Mangrove Preserve

I) Lagoon/Internal Waterbodies

Additional amenities

  • 18-27 holes of golf
  • Golf clubhouse
  • Island "park"
  • Employee housing

Social / community aspects

  • K-12 school
  • Medical facility
  • Public safety / police / fire
  • Civic / community center
  • Interfaith chapel

BALAM ESCAPE: A safe, socially inclusive, thriving and flourishing, well served, planned and connected,
built and run seaside community that offers equality of opportunity and high-end services for all.


Blue holes, zip lines, the lighthouse/towers, vendors/street performers, white beaches/palm trees/water color/organic shape, canoe/kayak, pedestrian path system, art park, esplanade/elevated boardwalks, the islands/"floating" houses, shuttles/trolleys, groves and gardens, canals, bridges, piers, water features, island golf, ocean front views


3 resort hotels, up to 5,500 dwelling units of residences, townhouses, condominiums, etc., Discovery Village: Casino, convention space, retail/restaurants Entertainment - Family: Arts/artist colony, research, education, school, medical facility, civic/community center, fish/farmers market, performance/venue/area, interfaith chapel, public safety/police/fire, marina/maintenance/dry dock, golf, office, GreenTREC, workforce housing, Equestrian/stables, energy farms, localized agriculture, airport, construction housing


Certified green architecture, alternative energy, transportation by way of electric vehicles, boats, and horses, walking enhanced by day shading, night lighting and a network of destinations, rainwater harvesting and storage, gray water systems for non-potable water users, zero waste, recycling, carbon neutral, preservation of 3,000 acres of forests and wetlands, monitoring of all activities from design and planning through construction

Key branded elements in our Edutainment center could include:

  • Comprehensive resort-wide branding
  • Flagship resort hotel and residence club
  • Core retail, dining and entertainment village/hub
  • On/off-property EcoAdventure experiences
  • Research center
  • “Seal of approval” branding
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