Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Fully embracing local culture and traditions, we are committed to improving the quality of life in Belize by cultivating local craftsmanship and advancing social equity.

Workforce Housing

While housing of construction workers is primarily the responsibility of the construction company hired by Balam investments will are committed to ensure that the facilities are adequate and meet social sustainability standards. Similar to the temporary power plant, housing for construction workers will be provided on barges that can be floated in and out as needed. The necessary infrastructure (potable water, power, waste water treatment and solid waste management) can be easily installed and operated on such movable platforms which can also be used to bring materials to, and remove waste from the project site with minimal environmental impact.

For those who will work in the community, we will design and built affordable housing to that they can live in the community where they work. We are currently studying various options, including a village concept that would integrate workers housing, commercial and community areas that would provide a wide range of services to everyone. We will also provide appropriate temporary housing during the pre-construction or construction phase or work with our contractors to ensure any housing they may provide meets our social
sustainability standards.
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