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Sustainability Report

Unlike traditional development projects, Balam Investments assembled a multidisciplinary team at the very beginning, including developers, spatial and environmental analysts, designers, architects, landscape architect, engineers, as well as financial, management and marketing experts. The task for the project team was to integrate green technologies and sustainable business practices into the planning and design process, and to continue this multidisciplinary approach through the completion of the project. It is this cross- fertilization that has produced the Master Plan with its various components that are truly sustainable and economically viable.

It has been well-documented that designing homes and buildings according to green design standards, such as LEED, does not need to increase construction cost, as long as these green standards are integrated from the beginning in the design process. In addition, such buildings require less energy and less maintenance, resulting in lower long-term costs than traditionally constructed and operated buildings.
The future state of Green is Blue
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