The new paradigm of The Balam Escape addresses human values and human purpose which requires a creative community.


  • Consumers are immersed into the community – they play and participate actively through modern technologies as well as time-tested approaches.
  • Balam's Art Park will showcase local and international talent, displaying artists’ pieces in a variety of settings (indoor and outdoor), and  using a variety of methods (technology, displays, etc.) to help visitors understand the meaning and significance of the pieces.
  • Multi-sensory experiences are common – visitors are immersed through the full use of sight, sound, touch, and taste.


  • Consumers learn about Belizean (including ancient Mayan) culture through dance, art, music, and more.
  • The history and background of everything on display is always taught, bringing a richer appreciation of the piece itself as well as the artist / composer.
  • Street performers and a rich nightlife will be melded into the community, bringing an air of excitement and joy.


  • New communities exist beyond the simple boundaries of roads and buildings - visitors are encouraged to explore the neighboring regions and countries.
    • Mayan ruins in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, etc.
    • The natural beauty of Belize’s forests, caves, and rivers.
    • Snorkeling and scuba diving on the second largest barrier reef in the world, and in the world-renowned Blue Hole.
    • Offshore and onshore fishing.
    • Boating, kayaking, and other water sports.

Knowledge -Driven

    • The acquisition of knowledge is a continuous process for young and old alike.
    • Primary/secondary schools for Belizean residents will be enhanced.
    • Advances in agricultural methods will be shared with the local population (especially the Mennonites, who are already among the leaders in organic farming).
    • Local Belizeans will be trained in commercial enterprises, starting new businesses, etc.
    • Sustainability / environmental awareness will be a main educational thrust throughout all learning.
The future state of Green is Blue
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