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Our Sustainable Community

The Balam Escape presents a unique approach to the integration of environmental, economic, and social tasks through architecture.


  • Maintain functioning ecosystems and habitats
  • Prevent pollution in water, air, and land
  • Provide green spaces and parks for wildlife, recreation, and other uses
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Protect human and environmental health


  • Good jobs
  • Good wages
  • Stable businesses
  • Appropriate technology development and implementation


  • Education
  • Social equity
  • Community building
  • Spirituality
  • Open participatory process
  • Sense of community (feelings of attachment and value)


  • Green buildings (energy and resource conservation, indoor air quality)
  • Elevation (protection from flooding, creation of vistas)
  • Pedestrian-friendly transportation (accessibility)
  • Community spaces (hospital, school, town hall, meeting facility, auditorium, art park)
The future state of Green is Blue
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