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How is This Project Different From Others?

At the heart of The Balam Escape is the vision of creating a sustainable and carbon neutral community that is immersed into the natural landscape of Belize, makes wise use of its natural resources, and provides a place where people can live, work, play,  research, and study in balance with nature.
The project will utilize state-of-the-art technologies to provide alternative energy, process solid waste and waste water,  produce potable water, and reduce consumption of water at the same time.
We will form partnerships with leading people and companies responsible for renewable technologies in areas such as:

  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Alternative Energies
  • Water Consumption
  • Zero Waste
  • Alternative Transportation

Each group that partners with The Balam Escape will remain in the community after their solutions have been implemented, so they can continually evaluate and improve them, thus creating a continuously evolving sustainable environment, and showcasing cutting-edge green technologies. Through this approach, high-paying research jobs will be created, and will lead us to establish an onsite research campus, allowing companies to showcase and further develop their technologies. We expect that this campus will be highly visible to both the global investment community as well as to consumers at large. As the demand for sustainable technologies continues to increase, our partner companies will be ahead of the curve, poised to benefit from the head start they have been given through their association with The Balam Escape.

The residences will be constructed using natural materials and/or recycled materials found locally including wood harvested from the adjacent forest.
The layout and design of The Balam Escape ensures that we create a community that has a heart and soul; a community with public spaces and parks that celebrate the arts and music, and nature walks that let us marvel at the world.
And, of course, the residences, hotels, and resort amenities will include everything one would expect in a world-class facility.  Every room of the hotel will have a waterfront view – either of the ocean, the marina, or the lagoon.  The design of our community will be visually stunning; a top-notch testament to the power of the beauty of Belize and of communion with the environment.  The design will reflect the cultural heritage of Belize, as well as the surrounding landscape, making the project a place that will draw attention from all over the world.
Finally, the project is different from most other projects at this stage in that The Balam Escape is fully entitled and ready for development.

The future state of Green is Blue
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