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Investing in The Balam Escape

Balam Investments, LLC is currently raising capital for its project: The Balam Escape.  We are seeking both equity and debt financing for construction and further development activities.

We are looking for visionary investors and lenders who can partner with the project team to add creativity, momentum and expertise to our efforts.  Our goal is to identify the right partners; ones who understand the tremendous opportunity the project offers, and who are willing to be a pioneer in a burgeoning market for the commensurate rewards that will come of it.
The time for this project is now as ground breaking has taken place already.  The industrial revolution has come to an end and the only way to do business is to embrace the ongoing green revolution, as we’ve done with The Balam Escape’s research center, campus, and environmentally sustainable residential and resort community. Belize is “riding the wave” of great economic prosperity, increasing tourism and foreign investment, and low land prices.  We are confident that as the project matures and the environmental challenges in the world become even more obvious than they are already today, this project will show a sound return and a positioning in the future.

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